Dr. David Neil DDS


Dr. David Neil loves living with his family in beautiful Vancouver… especially when the sun is shining.  He spent three years serving as a dentist in the US Navy, mostly on a ship off the coast of Italy.  He did this after earning a Bachelor’s degree from BYU, his DDS at Northwestern University in Chicago, and an AEGD program in Virginia.  

Dr. David Neil completed a residency at UCLA, where he earned specialty certificates in both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.  Dr. Neil is a board-certified pediatric dentist,  board eligible orthodontist and he is an active member of the AAPD, AAO, ADA, WSDA, and Clark County Dental Society. Working on the Legacy Emmanuel Cleft Lip and Palate Team, Dr. Neil utilizes both of his specialties in improving children’s lives.

He and his wife, Alisa, and their 8 children love to explore the Pacific Northwest where they frequently go hiking, sailing, and fishing as a family. He has a passion for working with kids at Adventure Pediatrics and enjoys bringing confidence to smiles of all ages in their orthodontics department.

Dr.David Neil