Orthodontic Treatments for all ages

We love smiles at Adventure Dental, and we want to help all our patients smile with confidence. Our goal of orthodontics treatment is to obtain a smile that is aesthetic, functional, and stable. We also offer options for anyone seeking alternatives to traditional braces including Invisalign and Clear braces

Orthodontic Treatments for all ages, with Clinically Proven Results!

What treatment option is right for you?

The benefits of correctly aligned teeth go beyond a beautiful, confident smile. According to the American Dental Association, properly aligned teeth can significantly impact your overall long-term dental health.
Whether you’re a kid, teen, or adult, we know there are many choices involved in orthodontics; choosing a friendly professional that can help guide you through your many options is the first step. That’s why so many residents from the Vancouver, Washington area choose Adventure Dental. No matter your age, we can explore options that can be tailored not only to your teeth – but to your lifestyle.

Before & After Gallery

Here are some of our proud Vancouver-area patients, excited to show off their new and improved smiles.